Friday, October 19, 2007

The Faces of Halloween Monsters

Vampire - you_must_have_faith_drksde

When ready to pounce on an unlucky soul, the vampire’s eyes grow wild with excitement. The eyebrows become deeply furrowed and lowered in obvious anger. The mouth is stretched wide, displaying tremendous tension, exposing vicious fangs, oftentimes dripping in blood from his latest victim.

Witch - cackle_01_drksde

Typically the witch’s eyebrows are knitted together in anger and the upper lip is scrunched in disgust. The traditional Halloween witch is very old and extremely wrinkled, complete with a green complexion. The long, pointy, wart-covered nose is classic and is often seen sneering with upper lips raised in disgust, exposing rotten, yellowed teeth in a crooked smile. No witch is worth her salt without a protruding chin, complete with a hairy mole. She’s ready to delight in inflicting pain on her intended victim…possibly Hansel and Gretel?

Werewolf- werewolf-mask-6

The werewolf’s dominant feature is his mouthful of vicious teeth, particularly the long, sharp fangs used to rip his victims to shreds. The mouth is stretched extremely wide in a display of intense anger and ferocity. The werewolf’s forehead and eyebrows are deeply furrowed, demonstrating fierce intensity.

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