Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger Clemens

During Roger Clemens' interview on 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace  asked him some very important questions.  There were 2 key parts to the interview where Clemens didn't portray the emotions one would expect of a completely innocent person.  First is where Wallace was citing the specific incidents Brian McNamee had mentioned and second being when Clemens was asked if he'd take a lie detector test.


Specific Examples

While Wallace was reading off the specific examples, we could see that Clemens was nervous.  He gulped and looked away frequently, as well as showing flashes of anger in connection with sadness.  It's the combination of these things that is particularly interesting.


Lie detector

Later in the interview, Wallace asks Clemens about a lie detector test.  Clemens showed some strong emotions consisting of nervousness and fear with his mouth pulling wider.


Throughout the interview, he often appeared angry and indignant about the charges.  Given the emotions he was showing, the scale tips more towards ongoing suspicion.

His original video posted to youtube also told a similar story.  I was interviewed about it here.

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